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Google and Microsoft will include a kill switch in the their smartphone.

The technology allows for a stolen Google (GOOG) Android and Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30) Windows Phone-powered Nokia (NOK) device to be disabled, making it useless to the thief  With Google and Microsoft on board, kill switches will be available for 97% of the smartphone market, said New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who made the announcement. Newer versions of Apple's iOS currently include a kill switch called Activation Lock and tracking software that requires a password before the iPh...
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Rreth Com-Ing sh.p.k

COM-ING sh.p.k apo thjeshtë COM-ING është një kompani lokale e TIK-ut e rindërtuar në vitin 2013, me lokacion në Pejë, pronar i kompanisë COM-ING është Burim Berisha. Kompania është ndërtuar në vitin 1996 ku në atë kohë ishe duke vepruar si një institucion arsimor kryesisht duke ndjekur kurse kompjuterike. Aktivitetet e COM-ING janë të lidhura ngushtë me jetën, dhe aktivitetin e pronarit. Pasi 13 viteve jetës dhe punë në Prishtinë, zotëri Burim Berisha vendosi se ishte koha për t’u kthyer në ven...
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Rich investors worry about stock market

A comprehensive study of wealthy families by private bank U.S. Trust found that only 40% of high net worth investors feel "bullishly optimistic" about the market. At the same time, 10% said they felt downright pessimistic and 12% described themselves as fearful of losing money Jim Quinlan, Chief Market Strategist for U.S. Trust, says a lot of rich people continue to worry about regulation, Washington gridlock, and the lingering effects of the Federal Reserve's unprecedented stimulus program, whi...
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U.K. Warns Scottish Nationalists Not to Threaten Business

Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael said nationalists shouldn’t try to stop businesses publicly opposing independence ahead of the Sept. 18 referendum on whether to stay in the U.K. Speaking to reporters in London yesterday, Carmichael cited comments by Gavin Hewitt, the former chief executive officer of the Scotch Whisky Association, who told the Herald newspaper June 13 he had received “intimidating calls” from senior members of the pro-independence Scottish National Party. “If that’s t...
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Argentina’s Debt Appeal Dies at U.S. Supreme Court

You don’t have to be an Argentina fan to worry about the precedent set on June 16, when the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the nation’s appeal in a case brought by hedge funds that hold Argentine government debt. The high court let stand a lower court ruling that blew a hole in the country’s attempt to shrink its debt burden following a 2001 default on $95 billion in bonds. Although the U.S. courts’ actions apply only to this case, they send a message about the empowerment of creditors that ...
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