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PRAKTIK – Establishment of the first training center in Peja that target young women and men that aspire carrier in ICT. It was a co-investment agreement with Helvetas/EYE Project and local company ePayTech and benefited from EYE Opportunity Fund. Center is fully equipped and functional in Peja and more than 400 young students has benefited from the center in the last 4-5 years. Since September 2015, COM-ING took over a full management of PRAKTIK center form a local company ePayTech, since we were the consultants and provided required resources. PRAKTIK is well-known training center and is widely accepted as professional and innovative in the Peja Region. PRAKTIK has also increased opportunities for all other student by providing internships and employment opportunities with local business. Some success stories are already published by Helvetas and EYE publications.

PROSKILLS – Mr. Burim Berisha, Executive Director of COM-ING is a Chairman of the Municipal Working Group on Vocational Education and Training (MWGVET) – Peja, created by our Project “ProSkills”. Proskills is a project founded by Solidar Suisse aiming to address two specific objectives:

1. New trainings conducted and internships available acquired the students from vocational schools with additional market relevant skills
2. Vocational education in the field of tourism, wood processing, ICT and metal processing has an increased focus on market-relevant skills development

COM-ING contribution to the project included the constitution and organization of meetings for MWGVET and contribution to overall project objectives. Project ProSkills aims to improve the approach to newly graduated youth employees of professional schools by benefiting from the labor market demands, practical work, and improved cooperation between the private sector and the education system. COM-ING contributed also in the development of new curricula for ICT Trainings. He also contributed in the project deliverables that can be accessed in a following link https://www.solidar-suisse-kos.org/publications/.
Finally, COM-ING performed training for ICT teachers and selected students in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Main training curricula are Computer Networks and Software Programming

TB Management Information System – The project requirements were to design a system that manages all tuberculosis patient and treatment with comprehensive reporting based on WHO standards. The software is running in the main servers and it is a web application accessible by public institutions dealing with healthcare. www.kea-ks.org/ under SIM-TB menu

E- practice – Internship information management system for 6 universities in Kosovo http://epraktik.euforia-kosovo.com/unfer/

 Euforia Project – http://euforia-kosovo.com/
 Beos Maler – http://beos-maler.ch/
 KEA – http://www.kea-ks.org/
 Model Management – http://modelmng.com/
 Programi Kombëtar i Kontrollit të Tuberkulozit në Kosovë – http://pkkt-ks.org/en/
 Shkolla Teknike Pejë – http://shkollashabanspahija.org/
 Woman’s Business Incubator – http://kw4w-inkubatori.org/
– AFK – Severs and Firewalls, E-mail System, Disaster Recovery Center
– Hidrodrini – Servers and Firewall, Security
– Hekurudha e Kosovës Trainkos – Servers and Firewalls, E-Mail system, Information Security
– NOVUS – certified
– Imbus Peja – certified

– KK Gjakovë E- Shpeznimi Application, Maintenance
– Babanaj Company – Surveillance System
– NIKCI and Associates – Case Management System, Server, Network and E-mail Infrastructure
– Minimax – Surveillance System
– MEDIDENT, Dental Femaly etc – Technical Support and Maintenance